Demand network neutrality

I’m glad I have just decided to change broadband provider, away from NextGenTel. Why – because now it appears that the company is blatantly violating the principle of network neutrality by limiting the bandwidth from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). Eirik Solheim is right in recommending NextGenTel users to switch to a competitor. Canal Digital users should do the same – another operator to limit bandwidth on certain activity. ITAvisen reports that the Norwegian Consumer Council takes the development as a serious threat to network neutrality in Norway.

UPDATE: NextGenTel seem to have received the message – they now backtrack on limiting bandwidth for NRK.

Other bloggers covering the story: Alf Kåre Lefdal, Espen Andersen, Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing(!). The story also made it to Slashdot.

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