The Atlantic July-August 2008 coverDer Spiegel August 11 2008 cover

The Atlantic’s “Is Google making us Stoopid?” cover is not that magazine’s finest hour — the title does not do justice to Nicholas Carr’s article; all headlines must of course be reductionist, but this one goes too far and becomes unintendedly self-defeating (printed magazines make us stoopid). The article has provoked a broad debate over at the Britannica Blog and elsewhere. But apparently the cover “communicates”, because this week Der Spiegel has found the timing right to copy The Atlantic cover, as you can see. The title is an almost exact translation! (Spiegel has substituted Google for “the Internet”). The cover story isn’t available online yet (the great Spiegel archive is free, but there is a two week embargo on new stories), but let’s hope the text is plenty more original than the choice of cover art. (via Netzeitung Altpapier).

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