Reporting as jigsaw puzzle

The BBC webpage for Ben Hammersley’s experimental Turkish journey is finally up and running. This shows how reporters can use the popular web tools such as YouTube,, Twitter, Flickr etc and then integrate all the pieces in the puzzle on one page. Good. Now let’s see if we can learn something new about Turkey as well!

2 thoughts on “Reporting as jigsaw puzzle

  1. Hey thanks! I hope you will learn a great deal about Turkey. But if there are any questions, or anything you want us to look into while we’re here, let me know… Ben

  2. Well, I’m curious about how the ruling AK islamist party is doing its campaigning and in general its political work “on the street”; if you can get into that it would be very exciting. Also curious about what kind of role Europe and the EU membership question plays in the election, if any.

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