Ny norsk web-multimedia

Fotojournalisten.com gjør en fin jobb med å overvåke nye fotojournalistiske multimediaproduksjoner i norske nettaviser (og utenlands). Se egen seksjon for dette, der det går fram at Stavanger Aftenblad har en hel serie produksjoner med kombinasjon av fotografi og lyd, for eksempel om redningsmann og fotograf Niclas Eliasson.

Det er et langt stykke fra disse enkle produksjonene til arbeider som for eksempel Marcus Bleasdale lager, men det er en god start!

The Congo

The killings and atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo — why is it that news and even basic knowledge of this conflict, its reasons and history, do not even seem to exist to us? Despite such terrific work as that of photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale. See his new multimedia production presented by MediaStorm (click on the image above, released by MediaStorm for promotional use). The DRC is typically featured in the lists of most underreported humanitarian crises. So if we are interested, we can find out what has happened there. Recommended: the case study on the conflict in the Crimes of War book.

In medias craze

Borrowed the headline from Sarah Boxer. OMG (or ÅMG), I think it could be an advantage not to have English as a first language when blogging in English. Just have to exploit it more instead of writing like we learned in school. I wonder how the blog language of Norwegian-Americans on the prairie sounds. Lots of ja, ja, ja, like in “Fargo”?

Profiting from free archive

More and more news websites are opening up their archives and dropping subscription solutions, but we rarely hear about the effects of such policy shifts. Now the people at danish daily Information share their experiences since opening and search-optimizing the archive last autumn. Visits doubled in two months, and half of the visitors find the website via Google searches. That’s a very large share of traffic in relation to what we usually hear from Norwegian news sites, but maybe more in line with international numbers. Like several Swedish and (so far) one Norwegian news site, Information will now also consider a trackback solution to include links to blogs that comment on Information stories.

(via Dagens Medier).

UPDATE: Well worth noticing, of course, that the Wall Street Journal Online will not be 100 % free under Murdoch after all. Interesting to note in light of the above:

For the past several months, the paper also has run a test with Google News: Online readers can come to the Journal’s site from Google News and read any individual article free but are blocked from entering many other parts of the site. The goal is to capitalize on the traffic that comes from search engines and let users sample the Journal to encourage them to subscribe.

(via Martin Jönsson).

“A New Approach to Capitalism in the 21st Century”

Det er den antatte tittelen på Bill Gates’ foredrag i Davos i morgen, heter det her. Jeg synes den overskriften var så fin og ydmyk at jeg like godt lånte den. Ifølge denne rapporten skal den snart abdiserende Microsoft-sjefen ta både big business og politikere et tak fordi de ikke klarer å komme opp med løsninger på sykdoms- og fattigdomsproblemene i utviklingslandene. Noe å få med seg?

(via FP Passport).

OPPDATERING: Og her er talen. “Kreativ kapitalisme” er slagordet, med en åpenbar allusjon til Schumpeters “kreativ destruksjon”. Dette er nok ikke så veldig nytt fra Gates; mye her er kjent fra tankegangen som ligger bak arbeidet med Gates-stiftelsen. Den norske regjeringen arbeider sammen med denne stiftelsen i prosjekter som Norge har støttet med milliarder. Modellen er at statlige organer, filantroper og bedrifter går sammen i partnerskap for å løse helse- og fattigdomsproblemer hurtig. Ofte dreier det seg om å bruke markedsbaserte løsninger på en ny måte, eller å “hjelpe i gang” markeder som ikke fungerer. Gates er også innom det som er kjent som sosiale entreprenører. Se også tidligere innlegg om emnet.

Good Goodreads

Some web services are just self-evidently useful once you try them out. Goodreads is one of them. Not only because of the chance it gives you to be an amateur literary critic and discover new books through the recommendations of others, in an environment that’s much calmer than the very sales-focused Amazon. No, somewhat buried in there is a “secondhand books club” as well (when you rate and review a book, you have the option to sell or swap it with others). Very smart. Here’s a couple of enhancements I would like to see:

1. A way to compare professional and amateur reviews of titles.

2. A feature that would allow you to choose language. I would like to see reviews in Norwegian only, for example.

Oaø’s book montage

Noble House Hongkong. Roman.
See Under: Love
The Rebirth of History: Eastern Europe in the Age of Democracy; 2nd Edition
Die Vermessung der Welt
On the Road: The Original Scroll
Geschichte eines Deutschen. Die Erinnerungen 1914-1933.
How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Shadow Man
A Tale of Love and Darkness
In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India
Stalin's Ghost
Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition
Charlie Wilson's War
Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War
The Damned Utd
My Name Is Red

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The Atlantic goes free

Another chapter in the saga of journalism websites tearing down their subscription walls and opening their archives: Today The Atlantic joins the ranks. The website has seen an increase in traffic over the last year with a relaunch and introduction of blogs, so it will be exciting to learn about the impact of the new move. The editor has an interesting observation:

A highly turbulent Web site where people are engaging in argument with each other turns out to work very well with the idea of a polished monthly magazine about the same kind of political and cultural debate.

See also:

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Historical photographs on Flickr — a breakthrough

Photo: David Bransby - Woman aircraft worker, Vega Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, Calif. Shown checking electrical assemblies (LOC)

The photograph above was taken in 1942 by David Bransby. It shows a worker at the Vega Aircraft Corporation in Burbank, California. It has been made available on Flickr by the US Library of Congress as a pilot project where users can add tags to and comment the pictures. And it’s definitively a hit. The photos have just been online for a few days, but already many of them have been viewed thousands of times, and the flickerati are busy tagging and commenting (UPDATE: details on the Flickr blog). Popularity among users is important in itself. Many cultural institutions — museums, archives, libraries, broadcasters — have been working for years digitising their collections, but are they reaching the audiences? Cooperating with a big, user-enthusiast-driven site like Flickr is obviously a brilliant way of making a cultural treasure known. But the project tackles another important issue as well. Librarians are currently discussing (link to story in Norwegian) whether to allow users/readers to add tags to the otherwise strictly controlled catalogue system. Library of Congress has decided to give it a try, and it’ll be exciting to see where the experiment goes.

Meanwhile, the photos published on Flickr are without known copyright restrictions, so there is no reason not to display such gems as the one below — photographed in 1942 in Colorado by Andreas Feininger — on your own blog.

Photo: Andreas Feininger, View near Creede, Colo(?), 1942 (LOC)


Morgenbladet har et intervju med Anders Sømme Hammer, som har arbeidet som journalist fra Kabul siden juni i fjor (noen av hans artikler). Det er bra at det er noen norske journalister på plass i Afghanistan, og Hammer skal tilbake. Han ser angrepet der Carsten Thomassen ble drept som “veldig overraskende” og en “unik episode” i forhold til hva som har vært vanlig i Kabul.

Hammer nevner utvikling av afghansk journalistikk. Institute for War and Peace Reporting driver opplæring og publiserer saker skrevet av lokale journalister. De har også dekket Serena-angrepet. IWPRs arbeid er vel verdt å følge og støtte.

Andreas Lunde har lagt ut en video fra den gripende minnestunden for Thomassen på Gardermoen.

OPPDATERING: Afghanistan og journalistikk — ikke gå glipp av National Geographics fascinerende reportasje om hazarene, en av Afghanistans folkegrupper. Se fotografiene.