A slow blog movement?

“Maybe it’ls time for a “slow blog” movement,” suggests Andrew C. Revkin in a post on the (excellent!) New York Times blog Dot Earth. Revkin has a very good point. Again and again we can observe this reflex-like reaction to statements and soundbites that are often already taken out of their context, such as the Bill Clinton quote Revkin refers to. No, it doesn’t seem like many people take the trouble to read transcripts to see for themselves what was actually said. But how much has this to do with blogging specifically? You could argue that politicians, pressure groups and what have you jump on such opportunities very willingly, and are in turn quoted by the media. The bloggers can of course join in and amplify the effect. On the other hand, the web has also made the opposite effect possible, the long tail, if you will. After a while, corrections and new interpretations can get “play” and be noticed, in the way that I noticed Revkin’s post and thought about it. Oh, and since the post is a few days old, this response must be proof that slow blogging is possible!