Germans turn to the Web

A yearly survey among 10,000 Germans show new patterns of media use, Spiegel Online writes. Germans increasingly turn to the Web for information, and their media use becomes more “webby” (my translation of the bullet points):

  • The use of information is increasingly driven by events and specific needs. The habit of picking up the newspaper or TV remote control is passé.
  • Users react to the wealth of information by narrowing down their spectrum of interests.
  • Users concentrate on information that is more directly relevant for them — like reviews of new IT gadgets.

German news websites are experiencing nice growth. Market leader Spiegel Online has 3 Million weekly users. But the German web landscape is dominated by the US global brands. Google has 30 Million weekly users and eBay 15,4 Million. Wikipedia is included in the survey for the first time and debuts in third place with 13,6 Million users per week.