Alive and kicking after involuntary vacation

Users trying to reach this blog during the past week have been met by a password popup. Essential software upgrades had been postponed for too long, and there was no other choice — the website had to be hospitalized. In fact, the situation was so serious that the decision was taken to migrate from MT to WordPress. All 884 Undercurrent blog posts have survived the journey. Importantly, as far as I can tell, the RSS feeds still work. Probably RSS subscribers have received a batch of old entries — apologize for that! Please tell me if you find links or other things that don’t work as they should.

One thought on “Alive and kicking after involuntary vacation

  1. Ah, glimrende. Da er det snart bare Espen Andersen (på, du vet) av mine faste blogger som fremdeles kjører MT, med alle de ulemper det medfører for brukerne (blant annet endeløs ventetid på at kommentaren skal bli registrert). Velkommen i WP-land, uansett: her er det godt at sitte! :-)

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